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Our Process

At Northern Taxidermy we provide the most excellent skull cleaning service available. All our skulls are cleaned by dermistid beetles and can handle any job big or small. We provide services for both retail and wholesale customers. Here is a quick tour of the skull cleaning process.


Once you have legally harvested your trophy and skinned it to the neck it is ready for us to receive at Northern Taxidermy. There are two options for drop off. In person or by mail, see shipping info. Once we receive it and verify your information and tag number the process begins.


Once we have received your trophy we then skin and remove as much fat and meat as possible, then let the beetles work their magic. Unlike other methods of skull cleaning (boiling), beetles can get in every little space and thoroughly clean all the meat off the bone. This step is the quickest of the process which usually only takes 24 to 48 hours.


Now that the skull is free of meat and cleaned by the beetles it is time to remove all the grease that is deep in the bone. With our State of the Art Technology and proprietary blend of degreasing solutions, your trophy will be completely clean, without any big yellow grease spots on the skull. Degreasing is a long process, depending on the species it can take up to 12 months for a Boar or a Bear but as little as 3 months for Deer and horned animals. This is the most important step that most facilities are not capable of achieving and will depreciate the quality of the skull.


After all the grease is fully removed it is time to give your trophy the pristine white finish we all desire. We have developed a propritary solution to whiten or "Bleach" the skull without doing any harm to the skull. Finally we put a natural matte finish to seal and protect your skull.

Mounting Options

Now that the skull is completely cleaned, degreased and whitened it is time to decide how to display your trophy. There are several options to choose from.

Pick Up/Shipping

Now that your Trophy is completely finished we will either contact you for pickup or ship your Trophy to your home.